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Greencube OÜ is situated on the west side of Estonia and it's goal is to offer different high-quality building solutions to people, who need a summer house to their yard or a summer house, sauna or new modern home to their countryside. The house will be delivered to you in one piece and mounting takes just a couple of hours!

Our offered buildings are designed according to all building codes and building requirements of The Republic of Estonian.

We are building our product range in a dry and warm building that has a roof in order to ensure the best result in building industry with a dry and consistent quality. We build with high-quality material to ensure that the client gets the best result.

Every building that is delivered out of the factory will have a signature of supervisor as a guarantee!

We use lots of native material in our production in order to vivify local business and to look like Estonian company as much as possible. Besides main selection, we can deliver special solutions according to clients' specific needs. By collaborating with architect, we can surely find solution that matches your needs.

Greencube insulates buildings primary with heatproof Paroc Extra rock wool in order to ensure best warm and sound isolation. If necessary, we can also change thermal isolation according to the clients’ needs.

The building will be built on strength graded laminated beams so that the building will stay rigid for decades. The carcass of building will be built from strength-graded scantling according to the requirements of EU. The building is built according to the building requirements of The Republic of Estonia if not specified differently on the order.

We mount plastic windows, timbered windows and wood-aluminium windows to the buildings if client requests these. Buildings are rigid thank to the OSB laminated plate. We can also use adhesive-free straw plate, which is more ecological but more expensive. We fulfill clients’ needs flexibly!

The main product of Greencube is module house, which will be built in factory as ready as possible. We also produce element houses. We produce from simple small houses to big private residences.

We are in among 30 best participators in Estonian business competition. The concept is to mount houses to crisis area as fast as possible. The building is called Hexagon and more information about it is available from our website at www.greencube.ee International organisation http://www.globalhumanitarianlab.org/ and military sector are interested in the building.

Now, Greencube is working with scientists, designers and doctors on a house model for people with movement disability.

Greencube has built dozens small houses for different purposes. We got the best summerhouse title in 2016 factory house competition. Our biggest house model is 200m2. Presently, we plan to build a 300m2 building. However, right now, we build 200m2 buildings every month. If necessary, we can boost production capacity rapidly.